Cardinal Health

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Traub Hospitality has partnered with Cardinal Health on the following strategies and initiatives, all of which has helped the company distinguish themselves as the undisputed leader in their respected industry:

Patient Experience Training
Customer Experience Training
Hospitality Training
Employee Experience Training / Rewards and Recognition Program
Luxury Hospitality Sales and Human Resources Training
Luxury Hospitality Process and Standards Implementation
Communication Training

 Below is a quote from the VP of Operations of Cardinal Health 3PL -

I approached Traub Hospitality when we saw an opportunity to further differentiate Cardinal Health 3PL from our competition by raising the caliber of customer experience in our industry. Traub has helped our company rethink how we deliver an outstanding customer experience and change the way we see and interact with our customers. Our results have been amazing! Not only have we increased customer satisfaction, this approach has helped us win new business. We are now in our second year of partnership with Traub, using their approach to define how we approach both our external and internal customers. The Traub team makes the training fun and engaging. Our employees always look forward to their visits. Matt Traub and his staff are incredible to work with and they do a great job in helping drive a culture of hospitality and luxury within our organization, which has proven to be a competitive advantage. ”— JOEL W. - CARDINAL HEALTH

Darin Evangelista