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Traub Hospitality not only has the ability and expertise to create content for a sustainable training program, but also has a tenured team to professionally train and facilitate the program to your employees.  Our training is based on the following:

A. “Excellence in Client Experience – Understanding Luxury Hospitality and Culture”

This session is truly foundational to the “Excellence in Client Experience” curriculum.  It immerses the participant in a deep understanding of how client expectations are evolving and how hospitality has become a key component in creating, delivering and sustaining distinguished service levels and overall client satisfaction.

B. “Excellence in Client Experience – Creating Luxury Hospitality and Culture”

This session equips the participant with the skills to take the experience to the next level.  Exceptional communication, conversation and listening skills are paramount to delivering a distinguished client experience.  This session will transform each client interaction, taking it from a transaction to a relationship.

C. “Excellence in Client Experience – Delivering Luxury Hospitality and Culture”

The third session is centered on practical, hands-on activities that take the ideas of the “Creating” session and make them tactical.  Participants will learn not only how to apply hospitality skills in all work situations, but also how to anticipate clients’ wants and needs, personalizing each and every experience.

D. “Excellence in Client Experience – Sustaining Luxury Hospitality and Culture”

Excellence in Client Experience is nothing if it can not be consistently delivered to every client, every time.  This session equips the participant to continually use the knowledge and skills gained in the previous sessions.  Sustaining luxury hospitality and culture is both an individual and team effort and this session focuses on best practices to help maintain luxury service levels throughout the organization.