Our Engagement Model

Traub Hospitality will help your company navigate through the three levels of client experience: Transaction, Relationship and Emotional Connection. Most businesses fail to take the guest, customer, patient or employee experience beyond the "Transaction" level.  Our goal is to help you create a culture by which your team can consistently and confidently deliver an experience that emotional connects your clients to your brand!  



All businesses are "Transactional" in nature.  However,  a company that wants to differentiate and distinguish itself from the competition must look to go beyond the minimal levels of customer service.  Businesses that strictly focus on the transaction fail to develop and improve client loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. 



Businesses that start to focus on their relationship with customers and see the experience through their eyes instead of their own will begin to see brand loyalty and customer satisfaction improve over time.  


Emotional Connection

The Traub Hospitality team will consult and train your teams to not only adapt and innovate your customer experience model and processes, but to also change the employee mindset to consistently and proactively look for ways to amaze guests, clients, partners, patients and internal customers.